The email to Lowe’s

I sent explained the problem with the plants, but I guess I didn’t tell you all the problem. It’s not that they just had 5-6 seeds per tiny grape, it was that after all the seeds there was literally almost no pulp. They were watered daily, so lack of water wasn’t the problem. We ended up feeding them to the birds because there wasn’t even enough pulp to make juice, because I would have if I could. I have a brand new steamer juicer that dh purchased for me last Christmas for just this job and it’s never been used. The crop is long since gone.
What dh wants to do is prune them back severely and really limit the number of vines we let them set on this next spring to see if that will at least make them make bigger grapes with some pulp on them. He wants to set the “new” seedless grapes in another section of the garden and try again with them come spring. I’m just worried that some how the two might cross and I’d end up with even more heavily seeded grapes. The plants in question were 4 seedless white grapes, 4 seedless red flame grapes and 4 assorted blueberry plants. The blue berries thrived the first spring/summer but did not set on fruit then this spring, despite our best efforts they just shriveled up and died. I love blueberries and I only got about 6 blueberries total off the four plants. Lowe’s is going to replace all 12 plants, or at least give a store credit for them. They want me to come in asap and bring the email. Not sure when I’ll go.

I have recently written about getting our taxes squared away, FINALLY, but one step remained to be set up – calling the IRS to schedule a payment plan. We knew that we wanted to start the payments in January, to give us time to get another bill paid off first (and that’s going to happen next week. But when I went to sign up for the payment plan online, the website wouldn’t recognize the personal ID information I kept trying to type in. Which meant I either needed to go to the nearest IRS office, or call them. So I called them.
The bad news is, I was on hold for LOOOOONG time – over an hour. The good news was, the gal was super nice, easy to work with, and we’ve got our payment plan set up. We’ll be paying $200/month, due on the 15th, paid through an electronic payment service courtesy of the US Treasury, starting in January. If we pay only that minimum payment, it’ll take us 40 payments to pay down everything. Blech. But in true DR form, we’ll keep plugging away with other items and snowball this one just like we have been snowballing so far, and darnit I want that debt GONE well before 2020. But at least now things are in motion and Uncle Sam is happy with us once again.
I feel one part a big relief, and one part the need for a shower, after sitting on the phone that whole time and going through all those hoops and signing up for what feels like a very long time of payments. But the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed and we don’t have any more skeletons in the closet. Dang, all this fresh air feels great.