Today is a working day

after Santa arrived early yesterday. My folks are downsizing and we got a big batch of furniture and household goods shipped to us, which arrived yesterday. So most of this week has been prepping the house for four new (old) pieces of furniture, and four boxes’ worth of kitchen goods, and three area rugs. It was like a mini-moving day. Delivery was delayed by bad weather for the driver, but we managed to hook up later in the afternoon and get everything unloaded OK. Last night and today I’ve been getting everything put away. Tiring work and I can feel it in my back tonight, but it’s nice to have this stuff here. We’re the only ones in the family who are on the DR path and they have decided we must be broke, because we’re not buying goodies for ourselves lately. So they’re treating this as one part Christmas gift and one part charity. We’re just pleased to have these pieces of furniture that I grew up with. Pieces of home and family. A perfect Christmas present.

Сomment about broker is funny

It was our broker who told us to sell some of our mutual funds off and pay off our home. He knew our income was beginning to drop and that we were debt free. He’s also a fan of Dave Ramsey. He told us he really thought we should be totally debt free at that point. For the past four or five years he’s been encouraging us to continue toinvest in retirement and college but to sock away cash rather than put money into extra investments. A lot of people can’t believe there’s a broker from a big named brokerage firm who actually discourages clients from surplus investing, and I was initially very shocked when he’d try to dissuade us from buying extra funds and squirrel cash away. Anyway, he gave us the shove we needed to just do the deed and pay off the house two years ago, and I’m very thankful for his advice.