After spending 12 days in Lakeview, AR we moved to Branson, MO last Wednesday

It was rainy and cold until Saturday. Then we went from 59 to 80 degrees and bright sunshine. We took advantage of it to go back into AR both Saturday and Sunday to the site where the amusement park Dogpatch USA was. It has recently been purchased and the new owner is working on revitalizing it. We approached him about being able to go down in the park to fly the quad over it.

He was thrilled because he wanted an aerial view of it. So we went both days, flew it twice, gave him a copy of the raw footage of it and dh is now editing it to put it up on you tube later today. I will let you know when it is up.

We really enjoyed doing it, especially since our first trip as a family was to Dogpatch and then over to Silver Dollar City and now 40 years later our first trip as a retired couple are the same to places.

We are doing real well on not eating out. When we do we have used coupons or gift cards to do so.

Oh one other thing. You know how DR talks about the well to do who live below their means. The owner of dp is the inventor of the Buddy bowl, a spill proof pet water bowl. He invited us into his home, the ski lodge on the property. While the building is impressive it is very basic in its furnishings for him and his HUGE wolf/dog hybrid. He dresses in very simple well worn clothes and is very interesting to chat with. We both liked him.