Did every one fall asleep or something?

Or is it that Christmas is less than a week away and you are all in PANIC MODE? Me I’m feeling pretty secure. We set a Christmas budget and to my knowledge everyone stayed under it. The packages I fought so hard to get from amazon have all finally arrived and it’s definitely starting to feel like Christmas weather outside (I could have done without the cold weather part—but that is life.)While eating supposedly seedless grapes with my lunch I was reminded that I wanted to complain to Lowe’s about the seedless grapes I planted from there. Seedless they were not. So I sent them off a polite email. We’ll see if anything comes of it. I’m not holding my breath.
I’ve been digging out more and more books to send with ds tomorrow. I probably won’t get much for them, but I’m excited to finally having the snowball really rolling and I want to keep it that way. I received a $20 mystery shopping payment and as soon as it hits the bank it will go to our little BOA (balance currently just under $3,000) it’s a drop in the bucket, but one drop is better than none! My plan is to make a payment every time I receive any amount at all over my basic minimum required because this account is one that charges interest and it is figured on an average daily balance. So every time I can lower the balance it saves a bit on the interest.
The broker that handles our IRA called this morning to say he’s selling some stock today that will net us a good profit. When he told me we should celebrate and buy dinner I replied “only if I cook it at home.” He burst out laughing and said “Still on Dave Ramsey I see.” Who says brokers don’t know their clients. LOL! The money sounds great, but remember it’s in the IRA, so it can’t snowball. Oh well, it will make retirement in a few years that much more sweeter. It basically is part of our ffef since we are already retirement age.