Emergency fund – sinking funds questions

My husband now have our emergency fund back up to $1000 after several problems with dealing with my 80 year old MIL  MIL decided to move closer to us but of course didn’t have the money to have herself moved ect. We rented a Uhual and my 2 sons moved her (I packed her up) and then we find out she needed to pay 1 weeks rent because she didn’t give 30 days notice ..she is in subsided elderly housing and has had mental health issues her whole life. She also didn’t have any money for food ect after we moved her. We used part of our emergency to move her and make sure her fridge was full.  She did pay us back and now our emergency fund is back up  My dishwasher broke about 1.25 years ago and we decided not to call the repair man and wait ..now our basement dryer broke (we happen to have a stackable washer and dryer set upstairs for the kids so we are dragging the wet clothes up to the 2nd floor from the basement to put in the dryer, (the washer to the stackable set went about 2 years ago.) So since we do have 1 working washer and 1 working dryer and it is not an emergency should we just save up more money before we call the repair man? Also I have one of those Gemini stoves that have 2 ovens and the bottom oven burned a coil quite a while ago but again since small oven works we have been making do If we do call the repair man we are going to have him look at the dishwasher also since you pay 1 fee just to have him come to the house.   I not sure what it will cost to get all these appliances fixed!