Found an online bank that does electronic “envelopes”!

Just wanted to share that I recently started banking with an online-only bank called “Simple.” What I really love about them is they allow you to use the envelope system electronically. If anyone is struggling with that, you should look into this bank. Well I guess more rightly they are an interface that somehow gets the bank they represent (which differs by area) to act the opposite of a bank haha. I dont know how they do it, but I am loving it! No minimum balances, no way to overdraft, no NSF fees… it acts like a combo of a credit card and a bank, but you put the funds in there so it is NOT a credit card and does not offer a line of credit or anything. All FDIC insured and all that jazz. They even pay YOU a small return for putting your money in their bank. It is really small, like 2% or something but hey it’s better than 0 or a bunch of fees. If you try to spend money that isn’t there it will just decline your transaction, there is no NSF fee and they won’t loan you anything. No money = cannot spend or try fastest cash loans. Also your transactions always post in chronological order. Nothing is reorganized by value or some other wacky method. And by God, everything posts almost instantaneously! I know this because it alerts my phone each time I spend. So if I don’t get an alert (which hasn’t happened), I know it didnt post. Not like my credit union or any banks I have used where stuff will sometimes not show for a few days because the merchant hasn’t batched or something. If a merchant communicates with Simple to approve a transaction, it shows up! It may pend for a few days until finalized, but it’s there and deducted from my balance so I don’t make a mistake.