Ok, so how it works:

Simple is actually pretty simple (lol). They have a website or phone app you can use, and you set up your “goals” which are essentially envelopes. When money is deposited in your account, you can “transfer” funds into your goal (envelopes) and then as you spend money you tell Simple which envelope you’re spending from. Although no funds actually leave your account to go into different envelope accounts, it is all just a construct to help you budget, the first balance you see is called “Safe to Spend” and that amount is your balance less any money in the goals. Beneath it is your actual, full balance (but it’s purposefully very small compared to the STS amount so at a glance you know what funds you have to spend after your goals are fulfilled). And since it’s all in there if you make a budgeting mistake, the funds just pull from your total balance and the amount in each goal envelope will automatically adjust accordingly. You can go in and switch stuff around whenever you want too, It sounds more complicated here than it is, I promise lol! You can make an EF goal and have 1,000 in there to pull from! So DR friendly! They do everything else a bank does like allow you to pay bills from your account and send you a free debit card.

You can also set goals for long term to help establish savings habits. I put a goal up to save $20,000 in 5 years and now it automatically pulls a small amount each day into that goal. If I dont have the funds for whatever is supposed to come out that day, Simple just waits until I do to continue the process (and adjusts the daily amount accordinly based on the time frame remaining). No fees, no overdrafting. If I get behind I can “pause” the goal, or if I get a windfall I can allocate funds into the goal at any point.

The only downside would be if your income was cash-based because they’re online only. So my paychecks are direct deposited, and they have a nationwide network of free ATMS which their app will locate for you automatically with a press of a button (the common ones in gas stations and Walmarts are almost alwasy fee free). However, If you want to deposit CASH you have to buy a money order and take a photo with your phone to deposit it. I think you can also give someone cash and have them write you a check to photo deposit, but thats a lot to ask of someone regularly. I am not in that situation, but just wanted to note in case someone likes the way this sounds but makes cash income (tips, babysitting, odd jobs etc).