Only took about 30min to get the carb off the motor.

And that was at sunset with failing light, so we finished up by flashlight. Which definitely wasn’t ideal. Also not ideal to do the work in the living room, but since we don’t have a garage or workshop, it was here or out in the cold icky weather. So I’ll tolerate a house that smells slightly of gasoline, over being out in the cold and rain.

Disassembly is usually pretty fast – I expect we’ll spend half a again as long to put it all back together and then get all the adjustments dialed in. We didn’t change any of the adjustments taking it apart, but we found things like one idle fuel mixture jet was at a different setting than another, when they should be the same (and one of those jets was also bent, which just made us think ‘huh??’) And then putting it back on the motor should be another 30min. Hopefully not in the dark. So far we’ve got about 10hrs into it, expect another 12-15 before we’re done.