Shortly before the May payment

for my hubby’s truck was due (purchased before DR) the bank holding the loan called and said for Dec we could skip 1 payment and then send in the Jan payment on time. Knowing there was a trick to this and that it would be more headed to cancel an auto pay than it was worth to us at this time, DH said ok what exactly do I have to do. The lady said just authorize it and then we will put in your file that you want to skip your Dec payment. DH said so I don’t ever have to pay that 400 to you? She said oh no we will tack it on the end of the loan so you can skip it now but you will have 1 extra payment later. So DH says whats the point, she says some people like the extra money for the holidays or whatever. He said so I still have to pay that money, she says yes and there is a 30 $ fee for it. Hmmmm… DH says no thanks, why would I pay you MORE to add an extra money on to my loan.