Those are my goals

For this year I’m keeping it simple with a baby on the way and some of this is just homework.
I changed our tax withholding to 3 from 2. I don’t like lending money to Uncle Sam for no interest.
Staying out of debt with DH in school through his G.I. Bill, grants, cash, and hopefully a scholarship or two. He’s leaving the Air Force in February as well. We’re readjusting the budget to anticipate the drop in income.
I’m going to try to continue the best I can to be learning how to program in Excel so I can leave my dead-end job. With a three person household being created it just doesn’t pay enough to support us anymore.
I just learned how to use some of the financial functions in Excel. That’s going to be so much fun for my budget, but for work I’m still learning the background stuff for making macros files. I like it so far.
I’m just not looking for a new job yet because I don’t really want to walk away from 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. They give me 6 weeks by law and because general management is sort of nice they pay you during the first 6 weeks.
I know my direct manager wouldn’t pay anyone if she could get away with it.
Plus, I have enough leave/vacation time saved up for the other 6 weeks, so I’m going to take advantage of that before I walk out the door. And yes, I will try to not tell my direct manager to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine when I leave. I’m being a quiet disgruntled employee as recommended by several people here on this list. Great advice by the way.
I don’t like my employment conditions anymore so as soon as possible I’m finding something else.